New River: the source and Exning

The New River rises in Suffolk, in a series of springs between Newmarket and Exning in an area known variously as Seven Springs, The Marsh, Favin's Head and St Wendred's Well. This area is privately owned and access to it has recently been restricted - probably for the best as it has evidently been used as a rubbish dump.

From its source it flows North under the A45, through Exning, where it is accessible from Duck's Lane, with a seating area beside the river. In Exning itself the river is treated rather as a ditch and fenced off.

After Exning the river flows through farm land to Landwade Hall park, where it enters Cambridgeshire for a short distance, and thence North West through more farmland in Suffolk.

The final stretch before the B1102 is in Cambridgeshire and is along side a permissive access footpath through Crowhall farm.

It then continues North then West, joining the River Cam through Wicken Fen.

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