New River: Crowhall farm, Cambridgeshire

After it leaves Landwade, New River flows about 1Km north west through farmland before entering Crowhall Farm Wood, where it is again accessible via a permissive footpath (the link is to Natural England site's description of the path).

The river and the banks at Crowhall farm are thick with a wide variety of plants as the footpath is through wild field edges. In the river is water starwort (calitriche sp.), lesser water parsnip (berula erecta), watercress, water speedwell, water crowfoot.

On the banks may be found hemp-agrimony (eupetorium canabinum), cleavers (galium aparine), hedge bedstraw (galium molugo), wild mignonette (Reseda lutea), common fleabane (Pulicaria vulgaria) and many other plants.

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