Cambridge Ponds and Water Life

Pond types

For a definition of these types, see the site index.

Artificial and garden ponds

Place Map RefDetails
Cambourne Two new ponds/lakes

Village and Duck Ponds

Place Map RefDetails
Abbotsley 233 566
Barrington 383 482
Barton405 559
Comberton 382 563
Earith 384 750
Haslingfield Once good for daphnia
Hilton288 665Ponds
Histon 444 636Ponds
Oakington409 644Once good for daphnia
Ramsey 292 853Village pond
Swavesey 364 679between Mill Farm and Bethel Baptist church
Swavesey 363 685between The Green and The County Primary School
Swavesey, Church End363 692Swans, in a road island
Warboys 311 803Village pond
Wicken 569 707On the green. Daphnia

Gravel pits

Place Map RefDetails
Earith 390 765
Ely 560 560
Godmanchester 260 715
Little Paxton
MiltonCountry park
Roswell Pits 553 805
St Ives Gravel pits
Swavesey 340 693a Nature Reserve and home to Rik's Windsurfing
Waterbeach 485 655
Waterbeach 485 680


Place Map RefDetails
Barcham580 763Ornamental lake
Graffam Water
Roswell Pits 553 805

Large Ponds

Place Map RefDetails
Barcham583 755Very overgrown!
Burwell577 690several pits
Burwell608 685
Cambridge, Coldham's common472 593Angling
Cambridge, Cherry Hinton478 574
Cambridge Science Park
ReachAngling pond to east of lode
Roswell Pits 553 805
Somersham367 783Ballast hole
Swaffham Bulbeck Lode542 651Angling lake

Small ponds

Place Map RefDetails
Dimmock's Cote540 723Very overgrown
Godmanchester 266 714Bog and Pond
Haddenham 467 737Overgrown, inaccessible and plenty of rubbish!
Hilton288 665Ponds
Landbeach Probably a small gravel pit originally
Mepal 438 810Angling
Oldhurst305 773I recall a pond here, long ago
Oldhurst299 766I recall a pond here, long ago
Queen's Fen, Lode516 653Daphnia pond
Stow cum Quy Fen 51 63Coprolite pits and ponds.
An SSSI, with its own page
Swaffham Bulbeck Lode539 652Pond
Wyton283 726Lilly pond

Temporary ponds

Place Map RefDetails
Boxworth 344 640On village green. Usually dry!
Hilton288 665Pond 6
Lambs Cross 426 657Once contained daphnia.
Probably filled with garbage now

Water features, other

Place Map RefDetails
Burwell587 660Moats and spring
Caxton 295 587Moats
Stow cum Quy Fen 51 63Coprolite pits and ponds.
An SSSI, with its own page
Rampton, Giant's Hill432 689Moats and nature reserve
Wicken 55 70Wicken Fen
Swavesey, the old dock359 695
Roswell Pits 553 805
Mare Fen 367 698Now a nature reserve

Chalk streams

More information please

Some of the ponds are here as recollections, so they may be misplaced. If you have any info on these, or know of other ponds, please let me know!

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